Bong Joon-Ho’s 10 Favorite Movies Of All Time, Ranked According To IMDb

Cure was the first movie on his list of favorite murder mystery films. It’s not surprising that Cure is a fan of this genre. He’s produced several, and all are excellent examples. It follows an investigation into a series of murders. All the victims are wearing Xs on their necks. It’s not as easy as finding the killer. He can often be seen sitting beside the victims, but he doesn’t remember what happened. Cure, along with Ring and The Grudge is an example of the Japanese Horror’s new wave. Zodiac is Joon-Ho’s favourite movie. The director also made several murder mystery films. Although Memories of Murder and Mother are among the most popular and well-respected thrillers of recent times, they are not like Zodiac. Although the film by David Fincher in 2007 doesn’t reveal the true Zodiac killer, there are many suspects the audience believes did. This makes it all the more disturbing to read about the true story of the serial killer. It has an unusual thriller because it features a Fincher-like tone that is dark and visually striking. Vengeance Is Mine has an extremely respectable IMDb score, however, it’s still terribly underrated. Although few have ever seen this 1979 Japanese film, it is a must-see for all Joon-Ho fans. The director had a huge impact on this crime film. It also uses non-linear storytelling that is so far ahead of its time. Pulp Fiction would not be made popular in Hollywood until fifteen years later. It is another superbly-written thriller, rivalled only by Joon-Ho and David Fincher. Joon-Ho has a unique favorite: A City of Sadness doesn’t portray crime in a glamorized, stylish way.

Add flavorings and tinctures to the mixture. Sprinkle sugar mixture on top of the chopped nuts. Spread the remaining nuts on top. Allow the sheets to cool down for 30 minutes or until candy has cooled. After cooling, the candy will begin to separate. Toffee can be made with one teaspoon maple flavoring. After removing the saucepan from the heat, stir in the flavors. Even after the pan is removed from the heat, the candy will still be cooking in it. Be quick but careful. It is extremely hot. You can melt through 3 layers of flesh. Coconut oil will be my next attempt at making toffee. Salt may be necessary. It is possible that the oil may not be incorporated into the sugar.

Toffee is a great way to get started. You can add nuts and other flavors to this recipe. It is possible to melt sugar at 300°F. If the burns heal, it can cause scarring. Let me show you some. To prevent hot sugar from reaching your flesh, fill a bowl with water and ice. To prevent it from burning, bring Sugar, Butter, and Corn Syrup over medium heat. Stir constantly. Mixture should reach 295-300 degrees. Once it is cooked, stir constantly to prevent it from burning.

First, make an egg wash to seal your wrappers. Use a spoon to mix 1 egg with 1 tablespoon water in a small bowl. This is the egg wash. The crab rangoons should be baked for about 10 minutes, until they are golden brown and crispy. You may need to inspect the bottom of each rangoon to ensure that it is not too crispy. This will depend on the recipe and oven. You can return them to the oven for an additional 5 minutes if they still aren’t crispy. The crab rangoons should be taken out of the oven. Place them on a cooling rack. Let them stand for a few minutes before serving.

My favorite Chinese-inspired appetizer is crab rangoon. The taste of the delicious little wontons can vary depending on which place you get them. The medicated homemade version of this appetizer is simple and full of bold flavors such as scallions, sriracha and scallions. It takes approximately the same time to make it than ordering takeout. You can add more scallions or soy sauce to serve with your dipping. To begin, preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The canned crab meat should be drained. Transfer the crab meat to a large bowl. Then, melt the 2 tablespoons of cannabis-infused butter either in a small sauce pan over low heat on the stove, or in a microwavable safe bowl. Proceed to add the melted cannabis-infused butter to your crab meat. The room-temperature cream cheese and Worcestershire sauce are next. Add the fresh lemon juice and salt to the bowl and stir well until everything is combined. Then, chop your green onions finely and then add them to this bowl. You should give the crab mixture a final stir. Spray the mini muffin tin with non-stick cooking oil to prepare it. Place a wrapper of wonton in each cup. Make sure you press down gently on the cups’ sides with your fingertips. After all your wontons are placed, press each cup to fill it with 1 teaspoon of the crab mixture. You can leave the crab rangoons un-baked for simplicity. However, the wrapper should be removed once the cups are full. This will allow you to keep any spillage and messy rangoons from happening. To make your wontons, you can seal the wrappers completely.

Every one of them has its own unique characteristics and advantages. You can dilute water-mixable oil paint with water, or another water-mixable medium. This is a popular choice for people with sensitive skin who cannot use solvents. Although it dries much faster than traditional oil paint, it can remain tacky for a while before being set long enough to allow you to add another layer. To clean oil-based oils (Alkyd), you will need solvents. To thin the paint, you can either use Alkyd mediums (or traditional mediums). People who want to move quickly in a layering painting will love the speed at which it dries. Oil paints are also required to clean up. The plant-based solvents of turpentine and linseed oils, as well as other oil mediums such as turpentine and linseed oil, cannot be water-mixable. Due to different pigment properties, drying takes time. The drying time of darker colours is slower than that for lighter colours. Drying time can also be affected by the use of oil mediums. The term ‘drying” is misleading as it only refers to the part that occurs when the oil paint is hardened. Initially, solvents in the mediums evaporate, and the oils themselves begin to clump and form a hard, flexible, but strong film. The bristly brushes used for oil paint were examined and found that thick paint needs strong brushes. While a soft brush will not pick up paint straight out of the tube, it can still be used when paint has been diluted to make it easier to work with. There are many supports available, including traditional canvas, wooden stretchers and boards, as well as paper, panels, and board. To ensure that paint is applied smoothly and oils don’t get into the surface, it must be sealed. Prime the surface to create a white finish. The water-based household primer is used to seal the surface and then prime it. However, I also like to use old-fashioned white lead oils primer because the resultant surface is a lot easier to work with.

Sometimes I don’t know what I just said. This was apparently the phrase I used to describe the talk on oil painting yesterday. It was even written down by two students! ‘Dabbing and Daubing’ is quite a good description of the techniques of oil painting and as well as dabbing and daubing, in weeks to come we will explore wiping, scratching, scumbling, glazing and other methods of applying paint to surfaces. The teaching table was set up this week with examples of various oil paints, brushes and surfaces. I also included all of the necessary equipment for oil painting. To make it easier to work with, I took a still-life photo of an apple. The picture shows three kinds of oil paint: traditional oils, resin-based oils and water-mixable oils.

You can achieve different shades by removing the lightest areas of the image and painting the darkest. This is a wonderful technique that makes it easy to adjust shapes and tones and reposition parts of the composition. You can almost feel like you are modeling with clay. It is possible to return to the beginning point, and start again several times. My cast shadow is a little off-balance, but I am not able to look at my work and also don’t listen to what it says. They are kind enough to point out where I have gone wrong, bless them. Everybody got to work and produced effective and successful studies. While some people found other subjects, most of them chose my apple photo as their starting point. The use of different colours resulted in works that had unique atmospheric effects.

It’s easy to clean brushes using water-soluble oils. You can simply wash them with soap and water. Other paints need solvent to dissolve. I used white spirit or turpentine substitute in the past. These unpleasant, smelly chemicals can lead to nausea, headaches and other breathing problems. I use a hypoallergenic solvent that smells like lemony. I’m hoping that the chef won’t frown upon me now as I bring my brushes to the kitchen for final cleaning using soap and water. Finally, it was time for daubing and dabbing! A quick demonstration was given of the wiping off technique, whereby a thin layer is applied to the support with a brush or fingers.