Jay-Z's cannabis company hires the first black CEO of a public cannabis organization in the US.

Jay-Z's cannabis company, The Dad or mum Firm, has hired Troy Datcher as its new CEO. Datcher's role represents the first time that a black CEO will lead a major public cannabis organization in the US Jay-Z is the visionary director of the parent company. He leads a social equity entrepreneurship initiative for the company. Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter's cannabis company, The Dad or mum Firm, announced Monday that it has appointed Troy Datcher as the company's new governing body. As of September 8, Datcher's new role represents the first time that a black CEO will lead a serious public cannabis group within the US, according to a release sent to Insider. Datcher joins The Guardian Company after a 20-year tenure at Clorox Company, where he most recently served as the company's senior vice president and director of customer service, and led the company's worldwide gross sales organization. The Guardian Company, California's leading vertically integrated cannabis company, has a product portfolio featuring Jay-Z's brand of cannabis, Monogram, among several other cannabis brands. Jay-Z is also the company's visionary director and leads a corporate social equity initiative for the company that aims to break through the systematic constraints faced by black entrepreneurs and other minorities in the business.

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