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Blitz dei Carabinieri, 3 arresti. A Lendinara scoperto un maxi sito di ...Canadian cannabis company Cronos Group Inc. CRON, -5.00% CRON, -5.13% stated on Friday that it modified its agreement with Ginkgo Bioworks Inc. to accelerate the commercialization of cannabinoids grown on a large scale. Cronos has had a testing partnership with Ginkgo for several years with the goal of producing rare strains of cannabis that present some of the 100 totally different cannabinoids, the compounds within the plant. Under the phrases of the new agreement, Cronos will subject Ginkgo up to 14.7 million frequent actions as soon as Ginkgo can demonstrate that certain microorganisms are capable of producing eight target cannabinoids above specified minimum productivity ranges. The amended agreement "will allow Cronos Group to market merchandise that use cannabinoids grown before reaching the initially mentioned productivity targets, while maintaining the incentives to continue to develop and meet the price and efficiency targets agreed in advance," the company said in a statement. press. release. He hopes to be the first to bring cultured cannabinoid merchandise to the Canadian market.

Amazon's looser stance on staff use of marijuana now covers people who have previously been laid off. The net retailer mentioned that it has restored work eligibility for employees and applicants who had been fired or rejected from unregulated roles (i.e. not driving trucks or similar jobs) after cannabis evaluations. The company did not promise to rehire recently laid off workers or compensate them for lost earnings, however it can be helpful for those still looking for work. The choice, as before, came here to a mixture of fairness and practical topicality. Candidate marijuana screening "disproportionately" affects people of color, Amazon said. He also noted that different state ranges of legalized cannabis use made it more durable to run a consistent and equitable drug testing program in the U.S. The move adds to the latest political efforts, along with lobbying and support for bills that reform the federal strategy for marijuana. The Marijuana Opportunity Elimination and Reinvestment Act of 2021 (also known as the More Law), for example, would remove criminal information. It is not certain that these measures will become legislation. However, Amazon's total strategy is obvious: It has decided to spice up recruiting and is betting that its sheer corporate influence can persuade lawmakers to open the door to more recruits. All of the really useful Engadget merchandise is curated by our unbiased editorial team from our mom or dad firm. Some of our stories include affiliate hyperlinks. If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Sept. 14 (Reuters) – Canopy Growth Corp launched its first cannabidiol (CBD) vaporizer 'Whisl' in the United States on Tuesday, betting on growing demand for alternative options to tobacco and cigarettes. The US market for e-cigarettes and vapers was valued at $ 15 billion last year and a "growing emphasis on adopting safer smoking options" is expected to drive 28% annual growth through 2028, in response to Grand View Research. CBD, a non-psychoactive compound derived primarily from the hemp variant of cannabis, has seen a huge surge in recognition in the past 12 months as more people turned to it to relax during the months of isolation attributable to COVID-19, which which boosted sales for marijuana growers.. Canopy appeared to capitalize on increased demand and launched assorted products similar to the CBD-infused beverage line in Canada and the United States and even a new line of delicate dog chews and drops. infused with cannabis. Canopy stated that their Whisl capsules will likely be available in three variants, each of which will focus on managing mood during completely different parts of the day. Each capsule will contain 200 milligrams of a purified form of CBD, sourced from licensed hemp suppliers across the United States.

Sometimes widespread sentiment fuels a market boom, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the legal marijuana business. However, cannabis remains illegal within the US on the federal stage, making the various legalization regimes at the state level a patchwork of disconnected policies. Nonetheless, there may be hope that the current Congress can pursue a federal legalization bill; However, before that happens, investors are watching to see which state or states will enact full legalization later. And excessive on that list is New York. BTIG analyst Camilo Lyon has been following the motion to legalize marijuana in New York and sees positive developments in the future. To this end, Lyon has selected two cannabis stocks that have already built a presence in New York State and could grow more than 60% in the next year. After executing both tickers using the TipRanks database, we found that the rest of the fairway is also on board, as all sports have a consensus score of "Strong Buy".

We'll start by getting massive and taking a look at Curaleaf. The company's $ 10.9 billion market capitalization and $ 670 million annual revenue make it the largest cannabis company in the world. Curaleaf is broad in scope, with headquarters in Massachusetts and operations in 23 states. These operations include 23 grow services, 30 processing facilities, one zero one dispensaries, and more than 1,800 wholesale dispensary accounts. Regardless of whether the US cannabis market is fragmented, Curaleaf showed steadily increasing revenue and good 12-month-over-year points in each quarter of 2020. Starting at $ 104 million in the first quarter, the company reached $ 240.4 million in high-end revenue in the fourth quarter, a 201% gain from 12 months to 12 months (YoY). This was driven by a 242% year-on-year acquisition in thequarterly retail revenue, which reached $ 164.9 million, and a whopping 578% year-over-year gain in wholesale revenue, which reached $ 64.4 million. New York State makes up a small part of the total Curaleaf business. By state With current regulations, Curaleaf has the top 1 grow / process facility in New York, along with four dispensary licenses, all operating for the medical cannabis market.